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Weebly is one of the best website builder created ever. It starts with offering great looking sites without writing a single line of code. The drag-and-drop facility helps you create a full-fledged website with a simple touch of a click.

Weebly is user-friendly and intuitive in nature. Users get the ability to create great looking sites for your online projects and business without even knowing any HTML code at all.

Unlike other website builders on the web, Weebly focuses on bringing improvements and enhancing the features in the platform rather than doing expensive marketing campaigns.

In the year 2018 Weebly acquired an eCommerce company (Square) after that many have noticed slower rollout of the features. Though many had mixed reviews about their services that doesn’t interpret that they are declining.

The reputation of Weebly is known to everyone and there is substantial evidence why we call Weebly the best website builder?

The first thing any user would notice trying Weebly would be how easy it is to operate. Its likes getting everything in near you. The fact that the drag-and-drop facility of Weebly website builder editor is intuitive and feasible in nature.

As per the functionality and features are concerned Weebly seamlessly does its job and competes against Wix.com, WordPress.com, Squarespace etc.

Weebly keeps small pricing and includes a cumulative plan in order to bring improvements and to prevent abuse to the system. Whereas many customers have trust in services Weebly provides and have earned a reputation from small as well as mid-sized businesses.

On the off-course Weebly currently powers more than 40 million websites which are next to 2% of the total websites on the internet and this figure is still growing. In this post, we have tried to voice our opinion through assimilating features & services provided by Weebly website builder.

 Weebly review : Pros and Cons


  • Speed & security – Weebly provides a good hosting solution with good fast loads speeds. The websites are optimized in order to provide blazing fast loading speed. On the contrary, the purchase of hosting is mandatory with Weebly. The website you create with Weebly website builder and the hosting has better security and prevent hackers and spam. Even with a business account they install and maintain SSL. The below screenshot will depict the actual loading speed of weebly.com

  • Overall Pricing – Weebly is surprisingly free! With no expiration for those want to rest on a subdomain such as http://websitename.weebly.com. This is a good start at least for those who want to test the services offered by Weebly before they actually purchase a premium account.

Although Weebly is competing against most of its contenders especially when their starter plan looks inexpensive that starts around $8/month. Since they don’t have typical caps like other website builders. The PRO plans look more tempting that offers a host of solid features under the price of $12/month.

Weebly is bundling everything that goes unlimited with every plan so that users get the most benefits out from it. Unlike, its competitors Wix they do not have ads in their PRO plans.

Even the business plans are suitable and offer everything in unlimited such as storage space, bandwidth. Weebly looks way cheaper than its competitors with a host of the features and top of it has an everything unlimited.

  • Site building process– The most awaited features for which Weebly is famous is a powerful built-in builder tool that helps you with designing stuff by drag and drop elements. Although, it is not as simple as look! But for most of the part, it is apparently easy and this drag and drop actually seems to work.

and for the most advanced users, Weebly provides the access to add custom CSS module, to edit templates and choose upon your need.

  • Onboarding & education – Suppose you have started using software no matter how excited you are – do you think about how to get the best out of it- this is known as onboarding although it’s hard to implement them well.

The software maker basically doesn’t make you feel annoying. Thus, Weebly helps users with solid onboarding and education but also planning a tour for the beginners by providing little information built on their platforms.

Once you have started and signed up, the rest is extremely easy.

  • Built-in Features set plus Extensions– There are lots of advantages of a self-hosted website such as users do not have to depend upon the platform feature set. Weebly hits right back with its feature set. Starting from very basics – blog functionality, contact forms, etc and advanced features such as URL redirects and page level customization such as code placements and stuff.

despite being a website builder Weebly provides users with lots of benefits such as forums, membership options. Integrated advertising options, file uploads and how can we forget the much-awaited eCommerce options which we’ll speak about later in the post.

Not to mention Weebly has a lot more to offer than its competitors such as the built-in features and allowing 3rd party app such as Shopify app store in it.

Weebly has the App center with a growing number of the plugin but somewhat limited. They may lack in features such as custom JavaScript, HTML, CSS but the App center is worth checking.

  • Customer Support – Weebly has good support mechanism such as email & knowledge base support for free accounts whereas for paid members mail, chat, and phone support is provided.

Weebly support mechanism is great they will simply troubleshoot and fix any pertaining issues arising in the website builder platform, indeed phone support is necessary when you need to convey something is urgent. When you run through problems in the site you can get in touch with the support to obtain plenty of help from them.


No Weebly review is complete without having a look at its CONS. No such software’s are perfect. Let’s look at some of its downsides.

Content Management System – As we all aware of CMS (Content Management System). It basically has an interface that offers you the privilege to do the following such as:

  • Sort
  • Filter
  • Edit
  • publish

Weebly more or less disappointed us. It has a Page section that provides you information about the pages you have on your websites. Luckily, it allows you to drag and drop and click to edit each. But it’s far behind than an efficient content management system.

There is no option that Weebly provides to add custom content types. you will not able to add hundreds of pages even if you have a large site. The content within the Weebly is made in such a way that it manages and keep everything sorted and accessible right from the beginning.

Advanced Marketing Tools – Since Weebly allows HTML editing, you can put up several things such as tools for marketing and additional features to your site. since the user does not have 100% control over the site & server.

This makes impossible for some advanced marketing tools such as EVSSL. Custom email collection tools, custom analytics packages, custom social shares, specific schemas, and A/B testing software cannot be used within Weebly.

Platform Lock-in – The only CON we found with most of the website builder is that the inability to migrate to WordPress powered websites. Weebly not allow you to migrate your website with the content or even redirecting your URLs will be a cumbersome process.

About Editor

Weebly has revamped the editor after they have finished updates on May 2, 2013, bring a brand new Weebly editor and mobile editor. The new editor gives a refreshing look to your website such as building new website elements. They have rebranded two new features including (Site Planner and Mobile editor).

There goes a host of new things included in Weebly website builder.

  • New interface
  • Site planner
  • New mobile editor

New Interface- Weebly editor is divided into 3 parts starting from the Weebly editor user interface. The new user interface has a complete refreshing and modern feel. If we see the difference between the previous and latest update we can see the position of the website building menu bar is changed.

New Weebly editor

Older Weebly editor

Site Planner– Weebly primary goal is to incorporate a site planner function in the editor that helps users build a website more systematically. Indeed, this helps them achieve a high rate of success and increases the chances of completing your website according to your needs.

The conventional site planner is innovative in nature that promises to fulfil website goals that we’ve never seen in any other website builder tool.

The site planner function in the builder is a traditional one. In that case, users need to determine a roadmap or plan before they actively participate in building websites for them.

New Weebly mobile editor – New Weebly mobile editor is the most awaited features in this update. Users can see how a website look like using the preview screen. Meanwhile, you can see the options to adjust the website according to the mobile device screen providing complete peace of mind.

Weebly users can drag & drop, move or delete elements that do not pay much heed to your website. Changes are automatically synchronized even in the desktop editor. We think the feature is extremely easy offering a great value to the work.

However, there are some Good & Bad points too

Good – Throughout the options in mobile editor/desktop editor you can add or remove elements which are synchronized in both the scenarios. So, there is no effort in synchronizing things again and again.

Bad – Although you are provided with a revamped mobile editor function, still it’s not called as a dedicated mobile editor that actively help you with the mobile layouts for your Weebly websites. As because changes made in the desktop editor brings changes in the mobile editor too. Having a dedicated and separate mobile editor provides you the options to set things up for the website visitors without compromising on the desktop view.


We acknowledge Weebly as the easiest website builder tool out there. The greatest advantage of choosing Weebly over other website builders are FREE themes. It’s a real joy when you don’t have to pay a single penny to start designing a website contemporary themes and a host of display option to showcase your website in the big picture, grid layout, top or side menu, etc.

Weebly offers some cool features such as predefined page layouts such as contact page has google map integration. This may be helpful for beginners and save a lot of time so you do not have to start from scratch.

Additionally, the themes are responsive to mobile devices. Features such as adding fancy background effects (Parallax or video) is easy as seems.

Finally, Weebly provides you the access code to design the website as per your needs (include CSS and HTML).

Weebly eCommerce Review

Weebly comprises an additional eCommerce functionality through which you sell your products on the Weebly website without doing much of any special developments. Although the eCommerce functionality within the Weebly is pretty distinct and offer solid resemblance to Shopify store.

However, neither of them offers a full-fledged eCommerce store. Weebly provides a shopping cart, basic inventory management and payment acceptance that sits right on to eCommerce spectrum.

If you are looking for a website that is primarily kept for lead generation then, it might be the right fit for you testing different products before moving out to full-fledged eCommerce platform. WordPress and WooCommerce receives an upper hand as compared to the specialty eCommerce platform such as Shopify, Bigcommerce henceforth.

App center

Weebly app center is a standalone marketplace for new apps, plugins, services that enhances your website. In addition, there are 3 different types of apps you can find on Weebly app centers such as App elements, Snippets, and Java Scripts.

Users are requested to visit the app center directly from the apps tab found in the editor or by visiting weebly.com/app-center. App center is the place where your actual type in the exact keyword that matches with the collection of apps.

However, it’s a shame for the Weebly that it does not provide direct support for the 3rd party apps hence, users need to contact the developer right from the app page in the app center.

Weebly SEO

Having a website on Weebly is definitely a better solution but in terms of customization, SEO capabilities and flexibilities it is not as good that WordPress provides. Most people have queries regarding the Weebly SEO feature.

Based on many user’s experiences, Weebly is one of the easiest and fastest to create your website online. When it comes to setting up site structure and content from an SEO perspective it is easily done within a day even, by adding custom icons, images and so on.

Because Weebly allows you to access the SEO areas for pages and post and allow adding meta descriptions, SEO page titles, alt tags for images and permalinks.

It’s even way easier to drop the header code for Google analytics. URL formatting is present and comes straight out of the box. Also, you can use the permalink for internal linking of the pages available via the side panel.

Now, where to begin?

Start with page titles & descriptions – As they are most important that highlight the searched keywords or related through which you ranked in. The SEO page title is in homepage within the Weebly website builder tool that stores the post description followed by two sentences in it.

Page Permalinks – page permalink provides a navigation system to the users. Ensure the name is short and to the point for effortless navigation for the visitors such as contact, about, store and etc.

To change the permalink, you need to go to pages and click the page you would like to change. Choose the SEO setting option and entire the desired permalink provided in the box. Although you need to publish the post in order to see the changes.

Mobile Optimization

Website created in Weebly is mobile friendly by default. With a mobile responsive website, you get the advantages of using the same content across different devices with the templates by adjusting the display based on the screen size. With Weebly, you get the additional advantage of taking your business online and grow it in professional size.

It takes a couple of click through the Weebly editor settings to make the entire website/page mobile-friendly.

Weebly Alternatives

Although Weebly is a standalone application to create an amazing website it may not be the right fit for you. You might need better control or layout control whereas some prefer going over a self-hosted site. here are few Weebly alternatives that you should be looking at.

  • Squarespace
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Format
  • Ucraft
  • Wix
  • Webflow

This Weebly alternative might be good in their own terms but Weebly is excellent in all spheres. There aren’t many alternatives that match the features or skill set Weebly offers its users.


Despite trying hard to make your website look amazing and productive in nature. Weebly puts up any functional website altogether in a matter of minutes. No matter how it tries Weebly faces criticisms from time to time. Such as

  • Design is often referred to as dull & unproductive in nature
  • Advertisement on the footer section
  • Upgrade to PRO plans requires a good investment.

Although the advantages a user reaps from the Weebly free version is enormous. You will even get more probably if you create a self-hosted blog. But the comprehensive design and functionalities that Weebly provides are not available anywhere.

Help and Support

The app center provides easy access for contacting Weebly support team. And for the most part, the good outweighs the bad, so defiantly Weebly offers ample options to receive any type of help and support to get you back on track.


Overall Weebly is a great website builder that comes with lots of functionalities that user wants starting from the beginner level. Weebly helps you create an instant site online. Definitely, Weebly is a good option for those who want to customize heavily but do not have much technical knowledge. It’s easy, low priced plans with PRO versions and an integrated app store makes Weebly everyone’s favorite.

We recommend trying out with a free website. As you become familiar with the editing interface and find yourself how easy or difficult to create the desired website of your choice. Once, you get used with Weebly, you can straightway buy their PRO plans.


  • How much does it cost to use Weebly?

Basically, Weebly connect plan starts with $5/month and goes up to $12/month with the functionality to add videos and membership features. Also, the plan includes a one-year free domain and ad-free (native) environment.

  • Which is better Weebly or Shopify?

Shopify is more powerful than Weebly that bring us to know that Weebly is much efficient and beginner friendly. You can create your store quickly by following onscreen navigation whereas Shopify is learned on the go. Both are suitable for newbies but certainly, Weebly has an edge over simplicity.

  • Does Weebly have e-commerce?

Yes, it does include an eCommerce. Weebly provides a complete eCommerce website builder along with a shopping cart software which will be created automatically when you create your website using Weebly. There are other flexible e-commerce tools available in Weebly eCommerce site such as the site is always mobile ready, filtering product by search, flexible shipping options, detailed tax control, inventory tracking & management, Sell digital products, importing products from Shopify or CSV file, Coupon builder, QuickBooks, and CSV export, gift card products, abandoned cart recovery and many more.

  • Can you sell stuff on Weebly?

Selling digital products or physical products are easy on Weebly. You need to create a business and business plus plans in order to sell products on Weebly. Weebly includes the payment processor from 3 different options such as PayPal, stripe, Square. Also, there are other functionalities where users can actually filter out the products by price, color or model to buy products.


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