Wix vs WordPress Comparison with pros & cons


So, You have decided to start blogging, Right? Well, you have chosen the right place.

However, like others, who have decided to start a blog, you might also have a question revolving in your mind.

Which is the best platform to start a blog? (Wix vs WordPress)

Don’t worry; you are lucky that you landed here.

I will tell you everything in detail so that no questions are left in your mind.

So, let’s quickly dive into the topic.

However, before that, let’s Have a look at the points which we are going to keep in mind while comparing.

Why Only Wix vs WordPress?

By the way, we are going to be comparing only Wix and WordPress, but you should also know that when it comes to blogging or creating a website online, there are various choices out there.

Some of them are free while some are also paid, but you must choose which is an excellent fit for you.

Some of the platforms which allows you to create a blog for free are Blogspot, Tumblr, Quora, etc., but you know what?

It is not worth it, not in terms of money but also in time also. You can try these platforms if you want to learn things.

However, If you are thinking to start your very own blog by which you can earn real money, then please don’t go ahead with these.

Still wondering why? Then you have to know that these free platforms are created to make users engaged in their products.

Like in Quora, The main focus is just Questions and Answers, but there is an option of creating a blog also.

To make sure that users don’t go to another site to publish their content besides answers on other platforms.

Now I assume that you have understood why we are just comparing Wix with WordPress. So let’s move forward.

Which platform is more cost-effective Pricing?

Amount of money invested in a significant factor while choosing the right platform to start.

The amount that you are going to invest in creating and maintaining the site depends on your needs.

However, we should focus on the minimum amount of money that you have to invest to get access to all features by which you can create whatever you want.

Moreover, it becomes more kind of a headache when we already knew that there are a lot of free options are also available Out there.

So let’s Start from Wix.com

Wix.com cost-effective Pricing?

Wix.com offers a primary site builder for free. The Website builder I good enough. Moreover, When it comes to Designing and Professionalism, Wix is just killing it.

However, like every coin, Wix has its downsides also.

Out of which two of the major ones are:

Wix Advertisements: if you are using or willing to use the free version of Wix then you will see that on the top and bottom of your site, there will be the branding of Wix.com which is terrible when you are trying to build your Authority over the Internet.

Other drawbacks of using the free version of Wix is that you will not be able to add your custom domain name (which can be your business name in some cases).

Your site will be published on a subdomain, i.e., a small part of the Wix website.

Your site will be live at the address of Wix.com like if your website name is XYZ, then your site will be live at www.Wix.com/xyz if you are using the free version.

Which is again not suitable for personal branding.

These were the two major drawbacks of using Wix free version, but the list doesn’t end here.

In the basic (free) Plan, you will not be getting some add-ons like Google Analytics (most important), Favicons and Plugins, etc. too.

Also, if you don’t want the above things to be happening with you, then you have to purchase the premium plan offered by Wix.

Here are the plans if you wish to upgrade. Each of the projects has its significance, like storage and bandwidths limitations.

Some of them are very specific too like you can pay just 4.50$ per month to connect a domain to your store.

Alternatively, You can pay 16.5$ to host e-commerce on your site.

You can choose the plans as per your convenience and needs. Also, you can choose to pay Monthly or Yearly.

The most popular and best Plan (according to them) worth about 12.5$ monthly.

Some of the major highlights for this Plan are:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100 GB SSD storage
  • Connect Personal Domain
  • Free Domain
  • Customized Favicon
  • Form Builder
  • Website Builder etc.

This Plan seems the right one, but there is an issue also. You will not get add-ons like Google Analytics with that. You have to pay extra for that if you want that to be integrated.

After analyzing all these, we can say that Wix seems to be costly. So Its time to move on and have a closer look at the Pricing of WordPress.org.

WordPress cost-effective Pricing?

Unlike Wix, in WordPress, there are two options available for you. One is WordPress.com, which is similar to Wix.com, and the other is WordPress.org.

I don’t recommend you to go with WordPress.com as it has limitations very much and personal branding is also hidden in that like Wix.com.

Now I am assuming that you have opted for WordPress.org.

So let me tell you that WordPress.org is free. Yeah, you heard me right, WordPress.org is free as it is an open source content management system.

However, to Host WordPress online and access it through a URL, you will need a Hosting and Domain.

Pricing for a domain starts from around 200-250 INR for a .com area and for Hosting this Range is somewhere around INR 50 per month to 500 per month.

Moreover, the best part is that most of the companies provide a free domain on hosting purchase, so you don’t have to invest some money in the area.

The Pricing is very much flexible and depends on what kind of website you are willing to create.

Means if you are willing to create a simple blog kind of things, then you can quickly go for hosting falling in the price bracket of around 100-200 INR per month.

Moreover, if you are willing to create a large site like An e-commerce site or something like that, then you can go along with a hosting that comes in a price bracket of around 400-500 INR per month.

These hosting can easily handle a large number of visitors coming to your site and provide you and your visitors a seamless experience.

Now Comes to Another Point, which is ease of Use.

Which is more User-friendly? wix or WordPress

Most of the Users prefer Wix or WordPress as their first choice as most of them are kids. They don’t have money to hire a developer that can do all the work for them.

Wix: As we discussed earlier, Wix comes with powerful drag and drop, which makes it easier for one to customize their site on their own.

These drag and drop features available are countless or maybe not. However, yeah! There are a lot of features available.

Using these free drag and drop builder, even a 15-year-old can built his site in just a couple of hours. (No Need Of Code)

There are hundreds of free prebuilt templates that you can use to design your website. What you have to do is just chose a model that suits you and your site and starts creating.

These features seem to be very small, but This can save a lot of your time.

Also, at the same time, you don’t have to hire a developer, so It saves your money too.

However, wait wait wait, this website builder offered by Wix seems to be great, but it has its limitations in the free version. Moreover, if you are thinking to pay for these features, then wait.

This is where WordPress comes into play.

WordPress also offers drag and drop designing features like Wix. However, the features are more advanced. There are also thousands of free templates which are known as WordPress themes.

Off course, there are paid versions also available, but if you are starting, then free themes will do the job.

Just install the theme and start designing the existing content. Customization has no limits in WordPress. You can create any site on WordPress be it a blog, an e-commerce site, a job portal, or any other.

Looking for some extra features, WordPress plugins got you covered.

If you want some additional features, then you will find a free plugin for every single element that you want in your dream site.

If you are still not satisfied with the themes, then there some plugins that are known as page builders in WordPress, which will surely help you in designing your very own custom landing pages.

So the best part is that this is not the end. Features are limitless.

So in this race of ease of Use, WordPress is one step ahead of Wix. The features are limitless, and if you integrate these features along with your creativity, then something beautiful will surely come out.


In this race of ease of Use, WordPress is many steps ahead of Wix. The features are also much more in comparison to Wix.

In Wix, you can create designs with website builders on the front end, but in WordPress, you can customize inbuilt features along with the additional features that you have added with the help of plugins directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Moreover, the best part is that all of these are easy to use, which makes WordPress value for money.

Support between wix and WordPress (Not wordpress.com)

Support is what which matters most, especially when you are a beginner and doing all the things by yourself.

Wondering why? Then suppose you are altering something in your website and something happens, and your site is broken.

Without proper support, there will be two options that are left. You can either leave everything and let your all hard work going in vain or try to search the solution on the Internet.

This will take a lot of your precious time. Also, at the same time, there is no guarantee that you will find the solution on the Internet.

So, here is the time where this support option comes into play.

Lets, quickly have a look at the support system provided by both.

Wix: Support system

Wix: Support system in Wix is quite good. They have a vast knowledge base with thousands of pre-made questions and problems that one could face.

Also, in case your problem is not listed over there, then your question will be something more significant.

However, you don’t have to worry. What you have to do is post your question there, and an expert will revert to you once He/She is free.

It can take up to the time from 2-3 Hours to one month also (totally depends on the time available to expert).

Just wait for the reply or search over the Internet.

WordPress: Support system

WordPress: Support system in WordPress is just amazing. Like Wix, WordPress also has a knowledge base with thousands of questions already posted related to the most common problems.

The difference between the knowledge base of Wix and WordPress is that the knowledge base of WordPress is very much more significant in comparison to Wix.

Also, as WordPress is an open source platform, so there is a broad audience out there who are ready to help you whenever needed.

Also, one more advantage of using WordPress is that you will get dedicated help by Hosting Company as they provide WordPress on your site.

Whatever the problem is, executives in your Hosting company will help you out.

This will make double sure that you are left with no problem.


In terms of Support, WordPress is far better than Wix as there is a dedicated support system in WordPress with instant problem-solving potential.

If you are a beginner or in the learning phase, then WordPress will be an excellent fit for you.

(Wix or WordPress)Which one is best suited for Blogging?

As we have started this post with the question that you have decided to start blogging, so, we have to compare these both based on their versatility for creating a blog.

Blogging with Wix (Dynamic Combo):

Wix is used to designing basic websites. It also allows users to add a blog section to their website, which has all the necessary features like categories, tags, etc.

It also has a comment system at the end of the posts but is not Good as compared to WordPress. You can only be using Facebook comments system in this.

Blogging with WordPress (Deadly Combo):

WordPress has taken Blogging to a whole new level. There are a thousand tools designed, especially for bloggers on WordPress.

The layout in WordPress is a lot better in comparison to Wix. You can customize your blog from end to end in WordPress. Which is not possible in Wix.com.

Also, the ease of writing is not possible in wix as WordPress is dedicated built for that.


In terms of Blogging, WordPress is far better than Wix, and it’s the most undeniable truth.

So if you are thinking to start your blog, I will suggest you go with WordPress but if you want to create a website or you are learning about this whole stuff than I can let you go with Wix.

Features between WordPress and wix

WordPress Plugins

Creating something without any tools is impossible, and this is the case with creating websites and blogs also.

Be it WordPress or Wix; you will need tools, either to customize the website or to add some additional features.


In WordPress, these tools are known as Plugins which are available for free as well as paid versions.

Free ones are available to download from WordPress repository while the paid ones can be created by third parties, so they are made to purchase through their website only.

These plugins help the user to integrate any desired features very easily in just 2-3 steps.

Also, the best part is that these plugins are designed in such a way that you don’t have to be knowing any code or something like that to use them.

That means that by Using these Plugins, You can integrate your desired features without any prior knowledge of code.

The reason for which these plugins are made is that it will help service providers also to integrate their services with the platform so that more and more users can take advantage of this.

Wix Apps

In wix, the plugins are known as Apps. However, the work of both Apps and Plugins are the same, i.e. to add special features that are not already present.

Like WordPress plugins, apps in wix are available in both free and paid versions. However, In Wix, most of the apps are generally paid ones.

There are free ones also. All these apps are made available to you by wix so you can trust them in terms of security.

You can add these apps to your website in just one click directly from the app store of wix, formerly known as the Wix app market.

There are tons of apps available there, or you will find an app of every extra feature that you want.


In terms of variety and price of plugins, WordPress is always a step ahead of Wix, but when we talk about securities and Authority, then Wix is something that can’t be beaten. Also, that can be bitter, but it is true.

Comparison of SEO (Wix vs WordPress)

Search Engine Optimization, briefly known as SEO, is something that you will hear a lot when starting a new website.

SEO is like a backbone and energy powder for a website or a blog.

Also, This is the most crucial point that should be kept in mind while choosing the right platform for your site.

Let’s see which among the two platforms is better in terms of SEO.

WordPress seo:

When it comes to SEO, WordPress always takes advantage of its plugins. There are thousands of plugins available out there, especially for WordPress, which helps in SEO.

Some of them are plugins like Yoast SEO, which is a must-have plugin in WordPress and helps in making the SEO of a site, which is not present in Wix.

Yoast SEO makes it easier for one to create SEO friendly content which matters most in Blogging.

Also, in 2019, speed is something that matters most in SEO. Many ways like minifying Codes can reduce rate, Optimizing Images, etc. and this can be done automatically by plugins in WordPress.

The plugin that is used to do is WP-Rocket,

Wix seo:

Here comes the sad part, i.e. the above plugins are not available for wix.

Like these two, there are some other tools there which you will miss if you choose to go for Wix.

However, wix also has its tools for improving, but they have their drawbacks too.

Like they are Expensive and if you invest money. In them, it will not worth the penny also.

So if you are thinking to invest money in wix apps for SEO then let me warn you that it will not be Worthing any money.

If you are choosing wix, you would have been missing all the opportunities to rank your site on Google’s first page and getting more views and revenues.


When It Comes to SEO and Blogging, WordPress is the Giant that no one can defeat. Be it Wix or some other platform.

SEO plays a significant role in Blogging, and WordPress is what makes it right.

So If we can do better SEO in WordPress, then Blogging experience in WordPress is also somewhat ahead of Wix.

I know that the aspects that we have covered may not be sufficient to cover every single doubt possible.

So we have chosen the most common Questions that our users can have in their mind and converted them into these Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

Q.1 Which of the two platforms is better for security?

Ans: When it comes to security, WordPress is something that no one can beat. Even though WordPress is an Open source platform, yet there are thousands of plugins available out there to enhance its security.

Whereas in Wix, there is nothing like that.

Q.2 Which of the two is more flexible and versatile?

Ans: A simple reply to this is WordPress; you can completely customize it any way you want.

We can say that in WordPress, Total head to toe customization is possible.

Which seems to be impossible in case of Wix.com.

Q.3 Out of the two, which has more features?

Ans: In terms of Features and options, WordPress has always been a step-ahead from not just wix, but from other platforms also.

There are thousands of features already available, and you know what?

This number can be increased to any extent, worth the help of plugins.

That means that for every increased feature that you wanted; you have to install a plugin.

Q.4 Which one is more SEO friendly?

Ans: Wix is doing a great job in the field of SEO also, but it can’t be compared to WordPress’ potential for SEO.

In simple words, WordPress is more and more SEO friendly in comparison to all other platforms available out there.

So this is also one of the primary reasons why most of the people prefer WordPress as their first choice in Blogging.

Q.5 Which one has Better Support System?

Ans. As WordPress is an open source software which makes it less suitable in support system as there is no dedicated support system

However, in case, you have purchased any themes or plugins than creator will provide you support from their end.

Also, you will get support from your Hosting provider also.

Whereas in Wix, in some premium plans you will get options of getting support on chats and one phone.

While in some other premium plans, you will get VIP support system also.

Wix seems to be ahead of WordPress in this case, but it is costly at the same time also.

Final Word (Let’s Wrap It Up)

In this race of WordPress and Wix, WordPress will always be my companion. It is equipped with everything.

It has Speed, Better Customization, Easy to use structure, Price is Lower in Comparison to Wix.

Also, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a significant factor in terms of Blogging, is better in WordPress. Extra functionality can be added in straightforward steps in WordPress. Still at the question, Wix vs WordPress? The simple reply is WordPress for sure. Possibilities are limitless.

The only con is that WordPress is not free. However, if you can invest some money, then it will worth it.

WordPress is always the winner in the race of Wix vs WordPress.


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