Codingbat Review Why it is Best platform to learn java and python in 2019

Are you a Coder or want to learn to code through a distinct approach similar to what is taught in the mainstream coding industry. But do you know there is a place where you can actually learn coding and continue to flourish your coding skills? Codingbat is a free project started by Nick Parlante, a science lecturer at Stanford who developed a site in order to help individuals learn build coding skills in Java and Python. The Codingbat website includes real practice problem that is easily comprehended by the learners.

Coding bat was initially named as JavaBat as because it has a focus towards learning Java coding. After a while, it was expanded to support Python and the name was changed to Codingbat.

Codingbat is absolutely phenomenal for beginners who want to learn to code early in their age. The test cases are shown to the user after each submission that’s what makes the Codingbat favorite to everyone.

Why Codingbat is immensely popular?

Codingbat is immensely popular due to many reasons such as:

  1. The set of problems showcased ranges in difficulties for the novices and they are fairly good when it comes to learning each step of coding. Codingbat offers you a huge practice set to solve.
  2. The enormous set of problems for practice. Codingbat will have several problems and to prove and master your skills on the subject.
  3. The web interface is fluid and encourages you to write good code. The program forces to make use of the functions and return variables.
  4. It’s absolutely free of cost! It is fun to learn to code on Codingbat.
  5. Well, Codingbat requires some sort of skills before you can dig in. A decent amount of practice and studying is required though. If you are already an average coder than efforts to solve those problems are too easy for you. Otherwise, they actually aren’t

Codingbat helps individuals to learn coding problems using a single function. It is basically meant for the students to have a more comprehensive approach towards the practice of coding.

Coding bat is a scaled-down interface that covers a wide variety of topics and detailed lessons and focuses on example problems for users to solve. Codingbat is completely free and has a different aspect of coding such as logic, string, list and etc.

Fortunately, in today’s world, it is hard to find such websites that offer a plethora of services at no cost. We personally used the Codingbat website before writing a Codingbat review on it.

We gladly welcome you to read ahead to find out how Codingbat actually helps students and individuals learn to code in Java and Python.

Ease of use

To start with the most fundamental aspect of learning coding is by evaluating the instructional software.

At Codingbat we have found the interface is absolutely straight forward and simple, the simplicity of the site is probably the most liked features among users. Users find everything from lessons to practice problems in one page as well as in categorized manner.

The minimalistic design that helps students to plan their lessons is perhaps less, but due in course in the event that they do not understand. A separate quick search for Codingbat lessons found in most popular video site YouTube helps students explaining every bit of it.

Apart from this, the self-explanatory courses found in Codingbat is huge that leaves no stone unturned before you actually start solving the practice problems which will eventually bring more knowledge to your database.

Although the practice problems might be frustrating to those who never had a coding experience before. But Codingbat provides you all the courses together in the various concept of coding to learn things up before they start.

However, with those having coding experience prior. Codingbat is a one-stop solution precisely a place where you familiarise yourself with the syntax of a new language. Users who had minimum experience in coding can learn through the lessons provided also, veteran’s programmer’s jumps in to relinquish their ability to help novices for the races with syntactical practice.

Well, this doesn’t mean a beginner can’t get used to Codingbat as because Codingbat largely anticipates in offering detail and comprehensive explanations to chapters more than any other courses found on the web.


How prepared were the Lessons?

So, how does it feel when starting out with Codingbat? Luckily, the lessons provided on Codingbat are fragmented in different categories, allowing multiple examples and provided a clearer and broader concepts about the understanding of the principles of each category.

It is similar to a way students learn English and learn about the verbs, nouns, gerunds, past participles and the prepositional phrase such as Codingbat users usually get to learn about the essential components used in the respective programming languages and a practice set is kept for exercising them to get a hand on experience by mastering the skills.

Nick Parlante dedicated Codingbat to users who can learn to code using short, practical, solving live coding problems to enhance their coding skills. Nick Parlante believes that all coding is an amalgam of many basic elements that formed together to bring a more complicated function such as how different molecules consist of the same atoms with different arrangements and proportions to it. Henceforth, he decided to come out with an online course that offers users with drilling and repetitions of foundation material of learning programming languages.

The delivery of lesson on Codingbat is vast and thus, users are requested to complete the series in order to reach the completion of the problems. The web interface allows the user to give instant feedback letting them know if the problem was solved successfully. Again the webpage offers well up programmers to summarize a “Help” section. These explanations might allow down by average beginners and will be no use to them.

Codingbat, founder Nick Parlante explains why the “About Us” and “Help” section is nothing to talk about as because Codingbat is not meant for selling online courses. But an instructional course is taken as a supplement to a course already being undertaken.

As a professor at Stanford, Nick Parlante explains why the “Help” section particularly does not have adequate information or proper contextualized. It is therefore said that users will be able to find some more challenging hurdles in the way to learn new programming languages.

What are the limitations of Codingbat?

As we said earlier Codingbat currently have two languages disperse for students. Since the webpage is prepared and fondled by the Stanford University professor. It is therefore assumed that he does not have a team or neither has he adequate time to keep offering expansion to Codingbat in the near future.

How do we summarize the Codingbat review: Is it worth it?

The service is offered for free, Codingbat is a one-stop solution for what it is meant for: A complete package of learning coding, no irritating advertisement on the website, contains a huge knowledgeable database for coding enthusiasts. Codingbat equally viable for enhancing individual skills on coding effectively through learning programming languages such as Java and Python. Certainly. It is not to be called as a classroom alternative. But it ensures that skills built through knowledge and practice.

In another way, Codingbat is not a meal rather it’s a vitamin supplement that abides you from being malnourished. Our Codingbat review ends here with a suggestion that if you really want to learn to code or brush your skills. Give Codingbat a Try!!


  • Codingbat what does list index out of range mean?

In Python language the “list index out of range” refer to as that the available index is greater than the assigned index for the lost (available index > assigned index)

  • How to reset Codingbat?

Resetting Codingbat is simple just use the password reset option followed by the registered email ID. This will send an email with a temporary password to log in your account.

  • Who funds Codingbat?

Codingbat is a free website to know how to solve live coding problems. Codingbat is developed by Nick Parlante, a Stanford university professor in regard to help students to code in Java and Python language. The webpage is developed and maintained by the owner.

  • How to solve Codingbat hello name?

In order to solve the Codingbat hello name. Please refer to the solution below.

Given a string name, e.g. “Bob”, return a greeting of the form “Hello Bob!”.