WinHost Hosting Review in 2019


In a plethora of hosting facilities, there is a name for WinHost hosting that specializes in the windows hosting.

Winhost literally wins many hearts by facilitating them with windows hosting in a budget. In this post, we will perform a close encounter with the Winhost offerings.

It’s actually the pricing of Winhost which truly makes us write this review.

So, what actually is WinHost hosting?

Winhost is mere a small company that fulfils every user need for Windows Hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Although the offering is quite inadequate Winhost seems interested in fulfilling the needs of the user who seeks Windows Hosting.

The company started its operation in Sierra Madre, California. Unlike its competitors who boast large infrastructure and hardware. Winhost is dependent upon its home-grown local datacenter.

Usually, WinHost mainly serves customers from the US although they do not have issues taking money from anyone else either.

Winhost offering windows hosting that is specialized in providing reliable ASP.NET hosting for beginners or for who just want to start their first WordPress website.

This is mainly because of the consistent efforts to bring consecutive web hosting packages that differ in prices with the specifications.

Winhost currently uses their servers using stable Microsoft hosting environment software.

Windows 2012 and 2016, IIS 10.X and IIS 8.x, SQL 2016, 2014 and 2012, ASP.NET 4.7 and ASP.NET Core.

Winhost quality windows hosting service is affordable and in people reach making this a great alternative for people hunting to manage a small website.

Even though the web host marginally established themselves as one of the strongest competitors on the market.

Below we have summarized the Pros & Cons of Winhost hosting.


                   PROS                          CONS
  • Inexpensive pricing (No hidden charges)
  • Has only one Server
  • Great Performance under Budget
  • Paid Backups
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • No live technical support
  • Good speed and value for money
  • ISS adaptive Silverlight streaming is not enabled
  • Intuitive control Panel
  • Poor Support mechanism


In this post, we’ll talk about the Winhost simple pricing structure to see if the packages are adequate for perfect windows hosting.

At first instance, we see the company has a very distinct pricing structure starting from – $3.95 per month for the Basic Plan.

Having 3 GB of server space along with 50 GB of bandwidth.

The next plan they have sells around $15.95 per month and known by Ultimate Plan.

But when you see both closely you will feel the difference between the various contract length.

You can defiantly sign up with the service using 3 different contracts such as-

  • A quarterly one
  • Annually
  • Biennial

As you see, the plan is taken for consideration having longer period or duration you basically pay less and can save more.

What’s more! Winhost do not charge on setup. The domain is provided free with 1 year with Max and Ultimate plans consist of 1 free domain name registration for 1 year in total.

It helps build saving up to $144 between a 3- month and 2- month plan.

Furthermore, they are no hidden fees apart from what showed up here.

The information about the monthly charges of each plan carries a definite contract length which is publicly revealed in their webpage.

But how do you see what’s actually included in their plans?

What do you think does Winhost can leave their counterparts in utter distress? How does each of the plan compare to their competitors?

Well both the plans, when compared with each other (Max and Ultimate), looks absolutely decent. Although the basic plan is not worthy enough offering only one MySQL databases.

Moreover, it is impossible to host more than one WordPress website in the basic plan. So, we prefer not to talk much about it.

Winhost boasts selective datacenters located nearby to its offices. As when they have redundant electricity from local plants and include UPS battery-powered backups along with standby generators.

Winhost really cared about their servers additionally they maintain perfect air conditioning in order to maintain the system temperature which is essential to hosting.

Though you can see none of the plans offers SSL along with anti-malware protection (purchased separately). Also, there is no option for automated backups.

Considering backups as an integral part of how much testing and editing websites requires a backup in case you want to be safe side.

You may seek availability of a bit of additional security for a price of $35.40 for 10 GB of backup storage.

You can see the below screenshot in order to find the storage quota and pricing accordingly.

However, there are some predefined features and that you don’t have to worry about.

As because all hosting plans include Anti-DDoS protection along with you get the one-click installation of WordPress, Joomla, and other apps. In case you wish to migrate from the existing hosting.

Winhost will help you out with everything.

In regard to the hosting plans and pricing are concerned. Winhost offer you a straight 30 days money-back guarantee.

How good is Winhost Performance?

Winhost exceptionally performs well within most cases, instead WinHost is far ahead from other windows hosting provides in the speed test.

Also, the uptimes you get is marginally better allowing users with 99.9% guarantee and it is shown in the above screenshot too.

There are certainly having lots of benefits choosing WinHost (windows Hosting) over others. In reality, this windows host looks similar to Linux competitors but far ahead in performance and speed.

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What do you get in Winhost (Features)?

Sadly windows host do not carry cPanel which is limited to Linux. Winhost control panel is defiantly one of the most intuitive control panels we have seen before.

The controls are easy to use and you will literally find everything within.

The biggest advantage of WinHost is that their dedicated efforts for offering windows hosting service.

Winhost focuses mainly on its platform and leverage the need to optimize their windows hosting service.

Winhost developers take care of the security and performance issues and that being told WinHost servers are always managed and monitored by experts.

Unlike other web host control panels, WinHost control panel is easy to operate even for beginners.

Excellent performance

Winhost provides windows hosting that is inexpensive in nature. Although to our surprise the performance seems to score high on our test.

After scanning a few things we did find that having just one local data center is good enough for us.

No hidden charges (price comparison)

Winhost allows you to compare their offerings depending upon the contract lengths. They seem pretty transparent by allowing the price comparison before a user actually buys it.

In-House developed hosting control panel

Despite WinHost did not uses 3rd party hosting control panel software in order to serve its users. In fact, they have people on-board who designs their own hosting control panel by .net technologies.

The control panel offered by WinHost is worth everything with simple navigation and basic functions. All web service can be set up easily with no much learning.

A lot of hosting features

Windows & technologies are offered in WinHost plans. Users can get benefitted with features that are assimilated here such as MVC, SQL Server Crystal report, IIS Remote manager, etc. are fully supported by WinHost.

In order to match up with other web-hosting providers, they have included the requirement for all.

Such as requirements for web developers, PHP/MySQL technologies have been introduced into the system.

Price value

If you research on the web you will come out 80% of web hosting is Linux based and very few who offer windows hosting just because the price is high on it.

Winhost is an exception in the industry that comes out to be inexpensive windows hosting providers.

If you are an developer or SQL server developer than WinHost should be in your list. Due to its affordable pricing its worth giving a try.

Support Availability

Winhost claims to provide 24×7 support. However, this is not true as customer service support is only available through ticket and email.

Unlike other web hosting providers.

Winhost is lesser-known to everyone because of the bad support services.

Things that we did not like about WinHost Hosting

Like other web-hosting providers, WinHost has weaknesses too. First & Foremost no live support is the biggest disadvantage.

Especially when you are in a hurry and need to ask someone for instant resolution of your query.

Winhost uses Email for primary contact and ticket support is followed then. It’s rare that we found something from a full-fledged web hosting service.

One server location

Although the server looked and worked fine for us. But there aren’t any data centers located around the world other than one.

But in the competitive hosting world offering more than one data center is generally looked at plus point for many.

Paid Backups

Backups are necessary in case your site malfunction or lands in technical issues. You can easily retrieve the data from the site backups.

Almost every other hosting provider offers an option for automatic backup but WinHost seems to miss that. And only allow you to backup data for a price.

Especially, when they charge users with the $2.95 per month which is 2/3rd of the price of their cheapest hosting package.

No real-time support

There are times when you require knowledge about the technical issues on your site. Being able to talk with someone is a must. Be it on the phone or chat.

Sadly the features are not included in the hosting packages.

WinHost review summary

We know there are certain disadvantages of WinHost hosting. Despite being an affordable windows hosting. At least have a try choosing WinHost once for your website.

Indeed while having just one server location WinHost offers great performance to the end-users.

Our WinHost review is generated from a user perspective with working experience with the features, support availability, value and server uptime stats.

The sole purpose of reviewing WinHost (windows hosting) is generally unbiased to help you and others find better windows hosting services at an affordable price.

Winhost is one of the leading windows hosting providers in the industry. Its reputation has emerged as an inexpensive windows hosting provider with the customers.

Winhost is ideal for people having a small business, individuals or developers.

We would certainly recommend this windows hosting from WinHost that carries 30 days money-back guarantee if you sign up now.


  • When did WinHost setup?

Winhost incorporated its full-fledged windows hosting services in the year 2000. They are a group of professionals in windows server development.

  • How many hosting plans are offered by WinHost?

At present there are 3 web hosting plans offered:

  • Basic
  • Max
  • Ultimate
  • Why WinHost limit their database size?

Winhost offer databases up to 1 GB of size in most cases. In another way, if you require more space that means your website will not be suitable for the shared hosting environment. Hence you will need to upgrade.

  • What’s the windows server OS from Winhost?

Winhost uses the windows server 2008 and server 2012. You can pick the desired one of your choice.

  • What’s the WinHost server hardware specification?

Winhost uses 100% DELL servers in cooperation with multiple Intel Xenon processors coupled with 32 GB of RAM, RAID 10 and 1000 Mbits internet bandwidth of the connection.

  • How many clients/are websites being hosted by WinHost?

The figure is not definite but WinHost host around 50,000 websites with an ever-increasing monthly growth rate about 500/month.

  • How do I cancel the account with Winhost?

If you cancel the account by any chance. You need to contact Winhost by raising a support ticket. If there are any used funds in your account they will straightway refund you the money.

  • What’s the general waiting time for WinHost support?

In mere circumstances when you need to contact the support the general waiting time is about 30 minutes.

  • Do we recommend the WinHost service?

Winhost became one of the golden partners of Microsoft that offer dedicated windows hosting service. The server’s configurations and specification receive constant updates. WinHost is one of the inexpensive windows hosting model that starts with $4.95 per month and an extra two-month free service is obtained by clicking on our link.