A complete Review on Namesecure hosting in 2019



Namesecure is not new to us and like the first thing you would notice when you visit Namesecure homepage was that it like something from the ’90s. It reminds us of good old data when the internet was sprouting worldwide.

There is something special about Namesecure hosting and this is why I am writing a post keeping their services under one roof. You shouldn’t actually judge a book by its cover.

So, in this post, we’ll cover some important aspects of how did the Namesecure hosting perform in other areas.

Well, I was trying to contact the customer care, in fact, waited for their response, after several long awaits I decided to try by myself before writing a detailed review about it.

After doing a little bit of research for the “Namesecure hosting” review. I came to know about the customer support wasn’t just an issue for me. And, the majority of users had a more or less similar experience. NameSecure Review

This is a major disruption to the company’s reputation, as when you face technical issues, good support enviably becomes important.

Despite having a full-fledged and established website if you choose to switch hosts. Other reviewers speak that Nameserver gets locked down frequently up for a month.

If you’re running an online business this would wipe out all the revenue and earnings.

Certainly, Namesecure review was not exactly the way I prepared by any means.

How good is Namesecure hosting pricing?

Although Namesecure hosting prices are little on the expensive side.

Well at the time of writing, Namesecure consists of 4 hosting plans.

  • Value-based plan
  • Professional plan
  • Professional plus plan
  • Commercial plan

namesecure review prices

According to the chart above the value-based plan has a price starting from $10.92 per month

Professional based plan starts from $15 per month, whereas the professional plus plan is priced at $18.95 per month. However, the highest commercial based plans start at $39.95 per month.

The Namesecure has the most expensive based plans in hosting.

In regard to the various included features. I would certainly not recommend Namesecure hosting for your hosting needs.

ValueProfessionalProfessional PLUSCommercial
Disk Space25 GB50 GB60 GB75 GB
Bandwidth250 GB500 GB600 GB750 GB
No of domains111
Money-back guarantee30 days30 days30 days30 days
Customer supportPhone and EmailPhone and EmailPhone and EmailPhone and Email
Server locationNo – USA onlyNo – USA onlyNo – USA onlyNo – USA only
Automated backupsDailyDailyDailyDaily

How good Nameserver performs?

In our experience, Nameserver showed average speeds in loading pages from 3 different locations.

Well, the experience, wasn’t that good when servers were actually online

NameSecure Review

Despite Namesecure is a reputable name in web hosting and domain management services business. The company is not willing to offer value-based hosting solutions to users.

Although Namesecure aims to fulfill both personal and commercial users through different web hosting packages.

Namesecure is particular about including shared SSL certificates, Support PHP, PERL and anonymous FTP, access to the vast range of CGI library, extensive logging capabilities or so.

Namesecure includes support for the MySQL databases with flexible analytics toolkit for looking into the website statistics.

These researches are used to optimize the website and find detailed information that is used by the clients. It is also used to generate different content strategies.

Namesecure mailboxes are something we’re looking forward to with automatic responding features, spam filtering that bestows a greater degree of spam eradication and that likely to minimize the number of false positives.

Next big thing, is Namesecure Sitebuilder

Although the Sitebuilder feature is provided in higher-end plans of Namesecure. It allows even novice users to create or design website of their choice.

The WYSIWYG based development platform offers an extremely professional looking tool to enrich your website experience by using their website builder.

Search engine optimization capabilities are included in the plans to provide users to increase the traffic and revenue both.

What are the Namesecure Reviews on WordPress hosting?

It is true that Namesecure web hosting arguably the most expensive web hosting we have seen so far. It incorporates most enterprise-friendly web hosting packages in the business.

Therefore, they have a WordPress hosting option too. Because WordPress is the most popular and demanding CMS.

To elaborate Namesecure WordPress hosting provides competent content management system to the fullest.

By offering competent WordPress compatibility Namesecure provides full-fledged features and plugins enabled in their hosting plans.

How good are the Namesecure reviews on support and customer service?

Despite all claims, Namesecure is lagging behind mostly in customer support services. Sadly, the company did not improve their service much.

When I personally went off to speak with the support team, and I found the customer service felt completely non-existent.

For slightly reimbursed in the technical issues the team will gently refer to their online published documentation or external sources.

This is for sure their technical incompetence that turns users feel disappointed.

As a whole Namesecure do not provide VPS or dedicated hosting as of now so, users are left with the Namesecure shared hosting services.

How good is the Namesecure uptime and performance of the server status?

Namesecure enjoys a good server uptime status while downtime faced is minimal compared to other web hosting providers.

Good and Bad of Namesecure


  • Though expensive pricing but usable shared hosting plans
  • Enterprise-level hosting on the budget
  • Wide range of domain management services
  • Excellent Sitebuilder tool
  • Highly reliable


  • Disappointed with the customer support services
  • No VPS or dedicated hosting

What reviews says about the Namesecure web hosting provider?

Namesecure started selling cheap domain title registration services, email and finally web hosting services.

Although in my research I found the majority of folks have a horrible experience with phone support as well when trying to contact them via Email.

Also, users have the proclaimed many features did not work such as when attempting to update the DNS records. Yet, the interface seems buggy and not able to update information even after 100’s of tries.

On top of that many Namesecure users have reported that they cannot send emails through the domain email address when asked about the issue (Namesecure) their response was that they use an anti-spam service which is filter SPAM emails and would not pass through the user email account.

Almost 50% of Namesecure customers are unhappy about their wrongdoing like Namesecure arbitrarily decides which emails should get through a user mail account. In fact, sometimes it is seen that Namesecure is censoring user emails.

In spite of providing good prices and a lot of neat services. Chances are that the customers would dwell away if they do not pay any heed to fundamental service and cannot get it right.

Besides everything the other factors that resulted in users switch their hosting is that their prices. Once known for best in the industry has now shied away from the competition. The discount system has diminished and they are back with their expensive pricing.

On the contrary their pricing both regular and discounted looks same or even less if we compared with other shared hosting providers.

Once, Namesecure was the “discount” arm of the network solutions.

Should you choose Namesecure hosting?

Namesecure started acting informally after we see reviews from the customers that depicts NEVER inflict business with the Namesecure. The company failed to deliver any kind of support due to these passing years they have experienced a serious downfall in the business.

It is evident that the corporation went downhill. Whereas other hosting providers are competing with each other in the price war. Namesecure seems don’t bother at all. I and others haven’t been pleased with the support services they offer.

In spite of outstanding offer enterprise-level services at expensive pricing, it does well. Whereas the company holds back on customer support that something we as users do not want to see.

Rest aside, Namesecure is a still can do well especially for technically competent persons who do not actually need customer support.


  • What is express domain name renewal Namesecure?

Express domain name renewal in Namesecure provides you good value at a great price. You can get a year license at only $ 14.95. The other features of renewal are unlimited web forwarding, lock protect security absolutely for free.

  • Who owns Namesecure?

Namesecure is a subsidiary of Network solution LLC. However, Namesecure does not have any particular person/executive recorded as per Bloomberg.

  • How to change the email address for the contact field on Namesecure?

There could be a situation why you are not receiving emails. You need to reassign the email address of the contactee email address without deleting any messages from the inbox.

  • How to get the transfer authorization code from Namesecure?

In order to transfer authorization code from Namesecure all, you have to contact the desired the registrar who will send an e-mail stating the registrant contact listed in the public WHOIS record for the request to proceed.