DNS server could not be found

Err… “DNS server could not be found” errors are most common when you try to visit some websites on Google Chrome. Don’t worry! You are not alone here!

More than 80% of internet users may have faced the issue with “DNS server could not be found” message which occurs when the Domain Name Server is not available.

So, why do we call it Unavailable?

There are a few possibilities that one of three things causing the error to pop up every time you try to reach some websites.

Either, the DNS address is not configured properly in your PC or it’s Invalid

The server at the address might be defective for some reason.

Or, it happens that the address is unreachable.

Without having more information about the particular “DNS server could not be found” error. We only assume the following methods mentioned in this article may help you to get rid of the disaster.

For instance, when you visit some websites the first that happens in the backend is the browser contacts the DNS server. Henceforth, the DNS lookup gets failed which results in nasty “DNS server could not be found” error messages.

When you pay a visit to a website, of course the website know about your visit but do you know you are also observable by the third party trackers used by the website.

You may be surprised to know that the majority of websites uses third-party trackers in order to collect information of the users such as geographical location, devices used to view the website and so on.

Although these trackers are somehow responsible for taking out your personal information. Moreover, these trackers cover millions of websites and the company behind them create massive data by combining data trackers collects from each site.

Now, you must be thinking why should we tell you that?

Unlike every other website you pay a visit, it keeps all your sessions during the visits. This is done through the use of “Cookies”. Although Google Chrome allows most of the website to load trackers or a few websites asks the user consent before it uses the cookies.

The “DNS server could not be found” issue might arise from here. This is due to because most trackers do not have an effective mechanism to opt out, therefore, when you visit a website that blocks the trackers and third-party trackers will eventually get blocked showing you “DNS server could not be found “errors.

Look at the below screenshot to know what we’re talking about.

In this article, we’ll find the fixes to the problems so that you do not have to worry about the “DNS server could not be found” again.

Or, there are two possible reasons

  • The DNS server is working but network connection can’t reach it
  • The DNS server is not working even if your network can reach it

If it happens to be any one of the following then, there might be a physical problem with the network, even a software problem with the interface causing this. A configuration problem with the network or a firewall blocking access.

Usually, you need to check the network configuration and later check the automatic repair function by clicking at the network icon.

If it isn’t helpful. Please read the entire post for resolving the “DNS server could not be found” error in a more advanced way.

Ensure you have updated the drivers

The reason why you are seeing “DNS server could not be found” error messages on your browser is due to the incorrect, outdated or corrupt drivers. Ensure that you have the latest driver installed in your system.

Manual driver update

In order to manually update your drivers, visit your hardware manufacturers website and search for the most updated version from the list. If you have a problem finding the correct drivers then, you can simply contact the manufacturers and get everything you need.

Automatic driver update

You can find tons of the easy to use automatic driver updater tool that scans your Pc and download the missing or outdated drivers for you. This is defiantly a better option for them who are not willing to download each driver. Plus, most of them you find them on the web are free!

Clear Chrome’s Host Cache

Apart from outdated driver issues chrome host cache corruption will prevent you from accessing the websites. Though you can make an easy fix to it you will need to follow some steps.

Step 1 Open Google chrome type in an address bar “chrome://net-internals/#dns

Step 2 Now press the enter key and message will be displayed on the screen stating something below in the screenshot.

Step 3 Now you need to click at the button saying “Clear host cache” next to host resolver cache.

Step 5 Assuming that you have completed the above steps now refresh the page and see if the issues are still persisting.

Delete the files in your ‘etc’ folder

Though this is another fix to the “DNS address could not be found” issue. Follow the below steps to make a fix to it.

Step 1 Browse through your ‘etc’ folder found in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

Step 2 Once you have found the exact folder. Attempt to delete all the files in it.

Step 3 Ensure that Google Chrome is closed down before performing the operation

Step 4 Now, open the Google chrome after you have finished with the following steps.

Step 5 Check the websites to see if the problem is resolved or not.

More Findings

If the error messages appear stating the “DNS address could not be found” means the browser is not able to find the Domain Name System. There is a lot of fix to it such as changing your DNS server.

The issue to “Server DNS address could not be found—3300” is due to the misconfiguration. In order to make a fix to this. Follow the below steps.

Step 1 Press the Windows logo + R (for the run command) from the keyboard.

Step 2 Go to the control panel

Step 3 Select the “Network and Sharing Center”

Step 4 Click on “Change adapter settings” from the left side of the screen.

Step 5 Right-click on the Local Area or Wireless Network Connection icon and Visit the properties.

Step 6 Now, you will come to know about the list of connection is using.

Step 7 Click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4” (TCP/IPv4)

Step 8 Once selected ‘Click on the properties” button.

Step 9 You will get a “General tab” then

Step 10 If “obtain DNS server Address automatically is not selected” then, check the box to select it. And click on the “Ok” button.

In case, if it is already selected then, select to use the following DNS server address instead and click on done.

Note: The Preferred DNS server should contain along with than the Alternate DNS server should be

Know how to renew and clear your DNS

If you use a windows computer, windows stores the IP address of the websites you pay a visit. This is done for faster loading of the website you visit more frequently. The cache present is either corrupt or outdated but you can renew and clear it using the following steps mentioned below.

Step 1 Press the Windows + R key to bring out the Run box. Now, open “Command Prompt” using the combination of keys CTRL + SHIFT + Enter to open the command prompt in administrator mode.

Step 2 It may look a little tricky especially for non-tech savvy users but here, you have to type in ipconfig /flushdsns and hit the “Enter” key. This will allow wiping out the cache if it’s outdated or corrupt.

Step 3 Well, you’re done with flushing the DNS. Reboot the system in order to see the new affected changes.

Make use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you still have the server DNS addresses could not be found the error with some websites then, download and use a VPN service to resolve the issue. It is done to make access to some website forbidden by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

If you are not sure which VPS service you should choose, you can always go for NordVPN used by millions of users on the web to make access to the blocked websites from the ISPs.

FAQs: –

What does it mean when you have a DNS error?

DNS error refers to as the connection to the network or internet access has been abandoned. Usually it the DNS error depicts that it is unable to look up the IP address for the domain you are accessing.

How do you fix a DNS error?

Flushing the DNS cache is the best solution to make a fix to the DNS error. If you are not sure how to do it. Please refer to the steps mentioned in the article.

What is a DNS address error?

DNS refers to the Domain Name System that translates the website address into IP address to connect. The DNS address error might be occurring due to DNS cache. Although flushing it using the command prompt may help. Or it could be the issue arising from your ISP. One possibility is that you’re trying to access an already downed server.