AdSense friendly blogger templates in 2019


Do you know why everyone worries when they are about to start a blog in 2019?

It wasn’t that clear in the beginning? I mean how many people would my stuff. Obviously, you should be worried about two things since, starting a blog is a big decision, isn’t it?

The theme you want to settle is a storefront for your ideas that lets your blog speak to the visitors. So, how do you pick a best AdSense friendly blogger template which looks professional and casual all at the same time?

We know, how excited you are to install AdSense friendly blogger template that is selling, tending items, newest items…do not pay attention to those.

You should not choose a blog template based on the factors that have nothing with the usability of your potential blog.

If you ask us, what could be the one category for your blog template, we would simply say the scroll rate

Scroll Rate

As because of this single stat matter when you buy an AdSense friendly blogger template. So, Scroll rate is basically meant how much of your page people see.

Let’s assume this way how your blog homepage looks when scrolled.

Screenshot showing a website and content pieces on it

The above screenshot depicts that the entire page covers all the stories that look even fresh when you use the best blogger template. For the record that’s how your homepage looks. If you are using an AdSense blogger templates means you are attracting more visitors to your blog which essentially brings more revenue and growth to your blog.

The second reason is everyone wants to earn from blogging and the reason is money. Nowadays, the easiest way to earn from a blog is to monetize your blog with the most trusted and trending online money making tool i.e. Google AdSense.

Now, when you create a website along with content and integrate Google AdSense but there is a catch!


As because to get instant approval from Google AdSense you should use correct blog template if it isn’t AdSense friendly then you will lose a majority of your revenue from Google AdSense.

What exactly is an AdSense friendly blogger template?

Starting a blog today is inexpensive in today’s world but to choose an AdSense blogger templates which has a responsive layout, easily customize options, simple layout design, header options, and color options are the biggest factors why everyone wants to go with an AdSense friendly blogger template.

Many peoples think of a fast loading blogger template which is certainly not the greatest factors as because if the template isn’t looking good. It is difficult to get approval through AdSense.

Also, the UX (User experience) and UI (User interface) plays crucial looks that decide the right design of your blog with text that is visible so as to provide a good experience to the visitors coming on your blog.

As we all know AdSense is far the easiest way to monetize your blog with niche websites, magazines, and news forums. Though it does not require technical skills for the setup. But this only possible if you have the right AdSense friendly blogger templates for your blog.

As you know, AdSense is best known for paying good CPC/PPC network due to its immense popularity and high competition between the advertisers. If you are just starting up with a blog on blogger then, I highly recommend you to choose an AdSense friendly blogger template.

Well, the point is SEO and AdSense goes hand in hand that depicts that you can easily get ranked and churn out tons of money with AdSense CPC from organic traffic. In this post, we have curated a list of best AdSense friendly blogger template that is well designed and offer great user experience and defiantly with a good code base.

So here we go.

Best AdSense friendly blogger template

SEO Boost – Best AdSense friendly blogger template

SEO boost has a clean and sleek interface and fully compatible with AdSense. SEO boost AdSense friendly blogger template can go with blogs having lifestyle, travel, technology, business or entertainment niche.


best seo Boost blogger template


If you talk about the AdSense friendliness you get to see a host of options to place your AdSense ads units. Also, SEO boost AdSense friendly blogger template will help you get fast approval for the AdSense.

If you are in a hunt for minimalistic looking blogger template then look no further, SEO boost AdSense friendly blogger template is customizable and optimized according to user needs. It is highly recommended for starting a niche blog in News blog and for professional use. This blogger template blends completely with the niches on lifestyle, fashion, games, food blog, health, sports, travel and technology, business or entertainment websites.

This best blogger templates for AdSense has the following features to achieve a super easy search engine ranking in Google and Bing.

  • SEO friendly & responsive
  • Ads ready
  • Slideshow & social bookmark ready
  • Email subscription
  • Widget
  • Page navigation
  • Browser compatibility

SeoRocket – AdSense friendly blogger template

You must be wondering why this AdSense blogger template has that kind of name. Yes, you are probably right the specialty about this AdSense friendly blogger template is that it loads fast. Not only that it’s responsive and comes SEO ready, but the designs are also worth mentioning because it is extremely suitable for generating revenue from AdSense.


seo rocket best free adsense friendly blogger template


SeoRocket follows the latest trends and SEO guidelines and equipped with the following features:

  • Meta tags
  • Perfect On-page SEO
  • Clean cache
  • Perfect page speed
  • Clean code
  • Responsive design

Best Magazine – AdSense friendly blogger template

top magazine blogger template

Magazine AdSense friendly blogger template is in demand and most user’s showcase news & articles through timelines. However when it comes to design you get to see options like dropdown menu, tabbed widget ready, post thumbnails, free premium, and many other premium features. These best magazines AdSense friendly blogger templates are quite lucrative and look premium.


Let’s look at a few of them.

Flezine – AdSense friendly blogger template

flexzine best free adsense friendly blogger template


Flexzine is undoubtedly the best AdSense friendly blogger template you can find that comes absolutely for free. This AdSense friendly blogger template has a great combination of black and white color combination although the background remains white that helps your readers look easily the words you type in.

Start with flexzine best blogger templates for AdSense free that consists of tons of layout options featured in the template. The flexzine AdSense friendly blogger template for anyone want a modern and clean design. Ideal for magazine, news or blog websites.

It comes with a fully responsive design that fits any screen type easily. Also, the template has a beautiful looking background with a minimal color combination that matches any niche or topic.

Create a simple and minimal looking blog using Flexzine that has the following features in it.

  • Simple fast loading
  • Responsive
  • SEO ready
  • Retina ready
  • Browser compatibility
  • Minimalist 2 color elegant template

Life Hack – AdSense friendly blogger template

life hace blogger template AdSense friendly blogger template


Lifehack refers to a free blogger template that goes well with a simple design and light blue color. Although it is old still resembles a contemporary look that suits for magazines and new sites. Lifehack blogger templates can be used for business blogs.

Life hacks blogger template has a minimalistic design and comes with a set of features that can’t be overlooked.

  • Responsive design
  • Recent post widgets using labels
  • Multilevel drop down menu
  • More than 15 widgets areas
  • SEO ready blogger template
  • Image zoom effect for widget images
  • Sitemap support
  • Support Google + comment system.

Lifehack blogger templates use a template designer that helps you customize each and every part of the template on your own. Also, the template is equipped with support custom width, for outer box layout. If you are tired of looking at the default templates blogger provides than Life hack Adsense friendly blogger template can be a good option for you.

Sorabook – AdSense friendly blogger template

Sorabook is designed especially for designers and EBook sellers or for someone who has a movie downloading website. Sorabook AdSense friendly blogger template is a responsive template built to cater the need of those wants to sell things online.

sora book best free adsense friendly blogger template


It helps young authors to promote their stuff and sell eBooks. Sorabook is a heavily optimized blogger template with best SEO friendly design.

Sorabook AdSense friendly blogger template has special featured mentioned below:

  • Slideshow
  • Right sidebar
  • Gallery
  • Drop down menu
  • Social bookmark ready
  • Post thumbnails
  • HTML & CSS3
  • Fast loading
  • Book store
  • Ads ready

Sorafront – AdSense Friendly blogger template

Sorafront is a multipurpose HTM5 and CSS3 blogger template that has two separate 2 columns layouts based on the BlogSpot theme. Sorafront is responsive that makes it compatible with a wide variety of devices and screen resolutions.

sora front best free adsense friendly blogger template


Sorafront can be easily customized using an array of different and simple options that easy to understand. Hence, Sorafront is far the best AdSense friendly blogger template offering you a wide set of variations and customizations. Sorafront blogger template is mainly used for jobs and online results in niche websites.

It has quite good features that make Sorafront looks absolutely unique

  • Responsive
  • Google testing tool validator
  • Mobile friendly
  • Custom 404 page
  • Fast loading
  • Minimal
  • SEO ready
  • Ads ready
  • HTML & CSS3
  • Browser compatibility

Shouters – Best AdSense friendly blogger template


shouters best free adsense friendly template 2019


Shouters is a money making blogger template developed and used specifically for magazine, news, editorial, and blog websites and cover a wide range of topics starting with entertainment, lifestyle, reviews, technology and product promotions and affiliate. With shouters best AdSense friendly blogger template bring your imagination and creativity to start something propounding.

Shouters AdSense friendly blogger template is marked with the following benefits.

  • It is responsive and SEO ready
  • Fast loading
  • Simple used mainly for blogging purposes
  • Magazine blogger template
  • Ads ready
  • Clean layout
  • HTML & CSS3
  • Browser compatibility


Your blog design is something that every visitors see and stay glued for the rest 10 minutes. No matter how many visitors you have on your blog. When it comes to blogger templates, we have many AdSense blogger templates paid as well as free. However, the stock templates are simple and elegant looking that’s why many developers try to bring premium looking blogger template such as AdSense friendly blogger template for free.

Most of these AdSense friendly blogger templates are inspired by premium WordPress themes that will offer you complete new look and design. AdSense is bar best and simple monetizing methods for a simple website such as blogs, niche websites, magazine, news and forums thus, you do not require any technical knowledge Just setup and use.

Hope you have loved reading the best AdSense friendly blogger template article. Let us know which one you prefer to use on your blog.


  • Which Blogger template is best for AdSense?

Earning revenue from blogs is a serious business and if you use a Google AdSense for monetizing your blog then we have covered a wide list of AdSense friendly blogger template in our post. You can pick the right one that matches your blog. Also, these are some of the best blogger templates for AdSense free you can get now.

  • Which is the best template for Blogger?

You can make use of best AdSense friendly blogger template for your blog as because these templates are Ads optimized and help you rank faster.

Once you have successfully installed the blogger template that we have showcased in our post. It would be easy to make money switching to an AdSense friendly blogger template that will double your income.

  • How do I download a Blogger template?

If you have downloaded a blogger template from somewhere or use the built-in template design or installed an AdSense friendly blogger template from our post.

Here you will get to see how to download a blogger template and install it on your blog

Step 1 Log in to blogger and then, go to the dashboard, Click the design link

Step 2 Click the Edit HTML tab

Step 3 Click to download the full template link and save it on local PC

Step 4 Unzip the template file you have downloaded from a different site.

Step 5 In the HTML page select, the file button

Step 6 Move to where you have kept the zipped files on the computer and double-click the file that ends in.XML

Step 7 Click the upload button

Step 8 Click to view blog button that ensures that the blog should actually look completely different.

  • How do I make my blogger template SEO friendly?

Most blogger templates are not designed in a proper way that’s it lacks in SEO. But using blogger template from reputed online store or few that we’ve showcased in our blog having templates properly coded, offer a host of features to determine there’s no drop in search engine rankings. Of course, these are compatible with Google AdSense, responsive to mobile devices and are inspired by WordPress themes.