Best cPanel Alternatives


Most of the people believe cPanel is free but it isn’t! cPanel is the simplest method through which you manage things similar to GUI (Graphical User Interface) based provided by the hosting account.

cPanel is basically a web-based interface that offers the privilege to the admin for managing different functionalities through easy to use control panel for managing the website properly.

Well, living without the cPanel can be the daunting task however many users seen avoiding cPanel as it always carried some price tag and do not come for free.

Another reason for abandoning cPanel in your web hosting plan because from time to time massive security flaws are found in cPanel’s hosting.

Due to the above-said reasons most people searching for free cPanel alternatives. Henceforth, we thought to look into the matter and provide our users with a comprehensive outlook into their choices for free cPanel alternative.

Most of these cPanel alternatives are open-source which means they are examined throughout the underlying code. As because these are free and provide users with a feature-rich version for everyone including the enterprises level customers.

Now, that’s intriguing, isn’t it!

With free cPanel alternatives, you can start saving some money today onwards by replacing the cPanel that comes preloaded with your web hosting plan.

The most admirable fact of the FOSS world is that developers are both skilled and develop a substantial method to create of some awesome free cPanel alternative free-of-charge to enrich the community even better.

While you read ahead we would like to sort out the few aspects of how you should choose the free cPanel alternative.

  • Multiple support for web servers such as Nginx and Apache

Web servers that use Nginx and Apache should act faster if you use free cPanel alternative. Free cPanel alternative is responsive and fast uses fewer resources as because they are in constant development phase.

  • Better Email management system

The free cPanel alternative should include email management and server in order to use your VPS as a mail server. Inclusion of the mail is required so you should have it.

  • DNS

The free cPanel alternative should also include DNS management. You are required to have the DNS servers and should be able to customize it without depending upon other providers.

  • Better user management

If you have different users and domains in such case the free cPanel alternative should have the option. In this way, you can let others use your hosting without offering them full access other than their domain name.


Using SSL certification for security purpose has become one of the most essential. Well, if you are prepared to use free cPanel alternative then it should be an easy way to manage and use SSL certificates.

  • Go with the latest technologies

New technology is evolving at a fast rate so it should be noted that the open source free cPanel alternative you decide to use must be updated timely.

For instance, new OS versions are releases, PHP7 released recently and other features such as HTPPS on work with this tool. In order to work around the free cPanel alternative, you choose should receive the latest updates in tech.

  • Nice and easy interface

Overall a clean and clutter-free design is love and appreciated by all users. Choose the best free cPanel alternative that offers an elegant design to able to find things you need.

  • Work weel

There may be some issues you face with the free cPanel alternative tool or some of the features it has. It might happen that the tool crashes or even work worse than your server. The free cPanel alternative tool should well without deforming the server or site performance.

  • Advance UI control

It is always fulfilling when you are able to do more from the best free cPanel alternative tool than adding a site. Some of the free cPanel alternative tools offer you the possibility to administer your database or install different applications (from email, tickets).

Despite being the best free cPanel alternative tool one important aspect is the control over the configurations which is easy to go into UI with a couple of clicks to reach the main server.

Some of the free cPanel alternative tools are offering the possibility to stop and start the services from the UI.

So, these are some of the most important factors you should be cared about while choosing the best free cPanel alternative. Now, let elaborate a few more details with the list best free cPanel alternative tools (open-source) available in the market today.

Best free cPanel alternative for 2019

1. Webmin & Virtualmin

Webmin & Virtualmin cpanel alternatives

VirtualMin is popular among users due to the offerings. It offers DNS, database, multiple web server support and many more. Since 2003 many folks have used to manage multiple Linux virtual servers from one simple web-based GUI.

You can literally do everything from managing, modifying, controlling virtual domains, mail servers, databases, file servers, applications and so on by using one dashboard. Instead, VirtualMin provides the option with web, mobile, command line, and remote API.

Although Virtualmin provides two versions (paid & free) we are reviewing VirtualMin GPL which is open source and is free to use with added functionalities and support.

VirtualMin will eventually work with other server OS but it’s a bit hassle to install the script and make it work.

2. CentOS Web Pane

CentOS Web Pane cpanel alternative

CentOS Web Pane is a free cPanel alternative which is known for the most easiest and quick management of the hosting environment over and dedicated and VPS server. As the name suggest CentOS Web Pane is installed on the servers running on CentOS.

CentOS is the most popular and demanding servers OS due to its free license and has easy management with tons of tutorials found over the web.

CentOS web panel is a great tool which is fast and can help those starting small reseller business or commercial website. Despite its free but allows you the privilege to roam over the core system modifying things that suits you the most.

CentOS Web Pane can be installed on any VPS and dedicated server machines. The navigation part is kept clutter free with things such as managing your services with CentOS Web Pane is extremely easy.

3. Froxlor

Froxlor cPanel alternative

Froxlor being another free cPanel alternative is a lightweight application. The interface is clean and easy to use without much of hassle to manage your hosting in the backend.

Froxlor is designed by experienced server developers keeping in mind user usability. Some of its most entitled features we have found so far are the following.

  • Support to multiple PHP configuration and per server PHP configurations
  • Advance level of SSL management with port or domain SSL assignment
  • HTTP, FTP, and email traffic tracking and data
  • Reseller resource management with user assignment
  • Multiple stack support include IPv4 or IPv6 configuration

Alright, that’s pretty alluring for an open source free cPanel alternative with lots of features beneath with easy to use a control panel users gets the complete peace of mind.

4. Ajenti

Ajenti cpanel alternatives

Ajenti was everyone’s favorite once it launched. It is the most popular web-based control panel available in the market today.

It is a Python-based web control panel system that stands out from the rest of the PHP based panels. Ajenti actively says they have more than 55.000 users right now.

The web interface is well designed and run in Linux based distributions and free BSD.

Though it is ahead in the competition by offering every sort of information you require such as server information, including free disk space, RAM in use via the web browser.

Users can get more out of it using a special plugin/add on known as Ajenti V.

By installing the Ajenti V you will get additional features on board with plenty of power to manage your website, activate webmail and do a lot of stuff effortlessly.

Ajenti is the best open source free cPanel alternative that will take the functionality of your server or VPS into a new level.


5. VestaCP

vesta cpanel alternatives

Installing VestaCP requires a VPS or dedicated server. It has a clean design having the option of adding multiple domains and initiate NGINX as a web server.

It is open source free cPanel alternative hosting control panel that is used to manage multiple websites, create and manage email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and manage DNS records and more.

VestaCP has a file manager through which you can manage everything and probably add emails and DNS. Let’s look what else you get using the VestaCP straight out of the box.

  • NGINX out of the box
  • Web server
  • EMAIL server
  • SSL
  • DKIM

VestaCP installation is pretty easy Just head to the installation page and by using the install the command to select the Apache for the configuration which will eventually yield better performance retaining the .htaccess functionality.


6. Plesk

plesk cpanel alternatives

Although Plesk is not free an age-old debate makes it a perfect counterpart for best cPanel alternative in the hosting community.

Plesk costs anywhere between $9.16 per month for a maximum 10 domains or even more if you required to access to developer tools.

Plesk incorporates an extremely friendly user interface within the hosting control panel that and can be opened from the left side of the page.

The functions largely anticipate with the settings required for your site’s domain settings, managing files, users and email accounts and creating databases.

While many folks debate on the Plesk vs cPanel but when it comes to versatility Plesk goes ahead with the support for both Docker and Git on Linux servers.

Most importantly if you’re running on a windows server, Plesk is a worth mentioning and works really good for both Linux as well as Windows servers while cPanel only work in Linux server.

7.  ZPanel

ZPanel is a brilliantly crafted free cPanel alternative that provides a host of functionalities to the user.

As you expect ZPanel to have built in the file manager, FTP controls, database administration, and webmail features.

While, ZPanel is seen working in Linux, Windows and OSX servers.

The user interface is just above everyone’s expectations and luckily has a good resemblance with the cPanel. The icons on the ZPanel are placed in accordance to what they are used for.

Although ZPanel has everything for the average user. But might not be a good choice for more advanced users or web developers.

In regard to the security, ZPanel has fewer security features but do not include a built-in method for securing the site by any encryption method for user site information neither for webmail account.

    Our verdict

While cPanel is widely used by web hosting providers for managing the website that is hosted on Linux servers. Despite they are paid but not told unless you are curious enough to know.

There are better free cPanel alternative tools are available that offer a host of additional functionality such as deploying them on windows server or add/install plugins.


Is there a free version of cPanel?

Yes, in regard to shared hosting most company’s ships hosting account with the cPanel installed. So, you are getting the cPanel for free.

But if you need a cPanel in VPS or dedicated server then, it is better to use the best free cPanel alternative.

Is cPanel free for CentOS?

First and foremost cPanel isn’t free. It is required to buy a license fee which is about $14 per month. However, installing cPanel on CentOS require logging in through SSD into your server as root.

Also, you need to run few commands before you install cPanel on CentOS such as yum install perl. But there is no information if cPanel is free for CentOS.

You need to search for the hosting provider who offers cPanel license while using the latest version of CentOS.

Is cPanel free to use?

If you are planning to use the cPanel for free then there is no other option other than shared hosting – buy a shared hosting package and get the cPanel for free! On the of course if you need cPanel for VPS or dedicated server than it would come with a price that ranges from $20-40 monthly.

In this scenario, it is better to move to the best free cPanel alternative we have listed above in the post.

Which is better Plesk or cPanel?

On the contrary, Plesk makes a good alternative to cPanel as because Plesk is available both on Linux and Windows server, whereas cPanel is available in Linux operating systems.